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激情爱爱 特色双飞 69 欢迎预约
激情爱爱 特色双飞 69 欢迎预约1

Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 小洁 xiaojie(1079号)

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 159cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Room & CD Included 包房包套

EAST (东部)

Serangoon 实龙岗

$100/1Shot 1次/60mins FJ

9104 0296

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!


新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2021-01-22 08:43Drug Cartel Kingpin Says:
Any video f this hot lady?
2021-01-19 12:19592yuGlooC Says:
I was let down by one OKT so I made an impromptu request to 小洁. The response took some time as she\s servicing other customers, I presume. But other than that, here\s my FR:

Location: a bit far away from mrt station. also you Have to Definitely Be discreet, if you get what I mean.
Looks: 6.5/10, the photos are modified a bit but the face is like that.
Body: 6/10, boobs are not C at all, me like a B. A bit tummy fat but who the hell doesn\t have it?!
Services: 10/10, one categy is not enough to describe the excellent services she gave. Let me break it down f yall.

Shower together: Yes, she lathered and rinse my body
Male nipple teasing and BBBJ in shower: YES, passionately too, allowing me to freeroam her boobs
Wiping body and feet after shower: Yes, she\s that customer-iented
Teasing on bed: Yes, with her fingers, tongue, lips, boobs and hard nipples. She made me feel ticklish throughout this process
Warm water BBBJ: Felt a little too warm f my cock but pleasant too.
HDLY and AR: Ok, this is the ringer f me. She got me doggy position to do HDLY, licking my nipples, sucking my balls, a little BBBJ and AR RAW! Yeah you read that right, RAW. Of course she wiped my asshole clean befe doing it but you know, she still did it.
Teasing and 69: Ok, I gotta admit, I messed up. I tried to finger her but my finger was as dry as the desert sand. She got shocked and stopped it, moving onto the actual sexual intercourse.
Sex: She was first on top f at most 1 minute. But she put in efft to ride me, good thing I can last. F the next 2 minutes, it was missionary first. I played with her boobs and nipples. We kissed too ;)
And I tried a weird position with her, and she complied! She had her left leg in the air while I was thrusting her. It felt unfulfilling f me so I switched her to the final position: doggy. Her ass was not very big but it was firm. Like I said earlier, this was the final position and therefe I came.
After services: She helped me to shower again, she wiped my body too. I tipped her $20 and left as a satisfied man.

Verdict: Do I still need to say RTF? She is a diamond covered by graphite, please treat her nicely and gently. Don\t fce yourselves on her. Her services may not be the same f everyone。
2021-01-15 13:34有缘人 Says:
新人小洁 服务好 有耐心 全程配合合理的要求 姿式随便你换 不赶时间 可以回头

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